Are we living in a Matrix?

Is this world real? Are we really living beings? Is there a master of the universe? Are we being watched? Is this world just a multiplayer game? These questions may seem perplexing. However today we have more evidence than ever to prove the world in which we live may not be real after all. There are many reasons to believe this. Today we explore those reasons.

1. Holographic Principle

Image Courtesy: Nature

The holographic principle is a deduction from String theory, or as some people call it, the M theory. It states that the universe is a game being played in lower dimensional space, whereas the reality has many more dimensions. It is very much like a Hologram which gives impression of 3 dimensions, actually being limited to 2 dimensions. This theory gives strength to the view that this world is not what we perceive, and the reality is something very different, which we can not even imagine. All of this is not just hypothesis. At the start of 2017, scientists almost have a proof that Hologram is real.

2. Game of Life by John Conway

John Conway devised a very simple and unsuspecting game, called the “Game of Life”. This game consisted of a maze and some squares, which can move in one direction at a time. See details of this on following video:

An astonishing facts proven by this game is that by simple rules on a checkered board, movements of blocks create and destroy complex organisms very much in tune with the theory of evolution of life. In a way, the “Game of Life” gives rise to near-living organisms. These organisms live in their own universe, living and giving birth to the new ones, and interacting with one-another like living entities. If we call them a part of game, why we can’t be part of a more complex game?

3. Evolution of Science and computers

It may sound odd, but the hypothesis that we might be living in a matrix, is emboldened by progression in area of computer science. Today we are developing computer games, which are so complex and so life-like, that some day it would be difficult to differentiate world of computer games or virtual reality with the real world. If science in our times, in just a few hundred years, has been able to create such games, why should it not be possible for a much evolved species to create a game having humanity as players, or even merely as good as insects? If you think this is just speculative fantasy, just think what it means when it comes from none other than Elon Musk? See following video to hear what he says:

4. Religion & Beliefs

This question is as well discussed in science world as in our religious texts. Sacred texts of all religions have emphasized that this material world isĀ  just an illusion. If we take it literally, it means a very startling possibility is staring at us. When sacred texts tell us this world is unreal and reality lies with Him, the God, it may very well mean they refer to a master of the universe. He may not be God but an Alien controlling our universe.

Is god alien?
Image courtesy: UFO International Project

So, what do you think? Am I just another virtual creature writing this post, or a real living entity? Please post your views below.